Does my money really get there? And how does it actually help?!

You spoke.
We listened.

Introducing: Follow Your Donation.

When you give with Follow Your Donation, you can see what your money is being used for, where it goes and how it helps!

The big question:So, how does this actually work?

Press play and in 60 seconds we’ll show you! Or, if you’re the reader-type, scroll on down.

Hey Tina, thanks so much for your donation! We have received it and will be in touch shortly to show you where your donation has been sent.
Hi Tina, guess what? Fabiola* was able to receive 6kg of Brown Rice, 4L of Oil & 2kg of Salt. Would you like to find out more about Fabiola’s* community?

What to expect:See real change in four fast steps.

  • 1. You give

    You pick where you want to send a food package and we'll let you know when it is on it's way.

  • 2. We match

    We'll match your gift to someone in the country you selected.

  • 3. We update

    Lookout for an update that will confirm your gifts arrival and how it helped!

  • 4. You dive deeper

    Feeling good & want to know more? Click the link in the last message for good news stories!

Where you can help:Urgent needs.
You choose.

We’ve got two incredible locations to show you. Select one (or more) food packages to send and we will show you how your gift really does make it to those in need.

*You may have noticed a cost difference in food packages to Ukraine and DRC. We are proud to say we buy our food locally so that means things cost different from country to country. Everything from fuel prices, to transport, to long waits at closed borders has driven up the cost of food - particularly in Ukraine (much like it has where you live).

Your donation breakdown.

We’ve made it our mission to lower fundraising and administration costs each year to maximize the impact of every donation.

  • 83.3%

    Field programs & advocacy work

  • 10.4%


  • 6.3%

    Administration & accountability

So, you've got questions?

Who is actually putting my money to use?

Over 95 per cent of World Vision staff are local to the countries and communities they serve. A core World Vision value is "we value people". Employing local people is one of the ways we build a future that includes stronger communities.

How do I know I'm making a difference?

World Vision is committed to transparency. We publish our impact and our financial details online.

Is my donation in good hands?

World Vision is committed to working with the most vulnerable communities around the world. For 70 years we have worked in some of the most difficult places in the world, and today our staff work in almost 100 countries. World Vision is the leading global partner of the World Food Programme. From the local to the global level, we account for every penny donated to our programmes.

How are you able to match my donation to an individual so quickly?

We have been expecting you! Our teams in DRC and Ukraine have already identified the most vulnerable people and have pre-registered people and places where it is needed most. As soon as food deliveries take place to an individual or family, the information about who received what and when is securely stored on our servers and is virtually matched to you (and only you).

Can I get in touch or meet the person that received the food package I sent?

Unfortunately not. We value and respect the privacy of the children and families we work with just as much as we respect yours, in fact we don’t even share their real names with you (we use pseudonyms). It is our professional practice to ensure their safety and privacy - especially considering some of the people we support live in extremely dangerous circumstances.

Can I send a food package to someone in a country other than the DRC or Ukraine?

Not yet, but soon! This is a special experience you have participated in that we hope to expand soon. Follow Your Donation isn't available in other countries just yet. We're learning from this experience to bring this to dozens of other places where World Vision staff also deliver food. World Vision delivers food to about 1,000 people a minute around the world. Stay tuned over the next few months for other countries that might need your help.

I didn’t receive any updates on my donation and the person it helps?

Thank you for making sure your donation made it! Before we dig into this can we ask if you unsubscribed? Because of valuable donor privacy rules and regulations we will not send updates to donors who have unsubscribed. If you still need help, please email us at