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Introducing: Follow Your Donation.

Want to help people who need it most?
Don’t trust your money will get there?

When you donate with Follow Your Donation, you can actually track what your money is used for, where it goes and who it helps. Yes, really!

Follow along as each £15 food package gets delivered to those living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who need your help. Every pound you donate goes towards helping deliver food they need to survive, recover and build a future.

See the impact
Watch your donation make a difference

Just £15 can help deliver a food package that feeds a family for two weeks. But don’t just take our word for it. You can now track the impact of your donation as your food package gets delivered - just like any other online order. The difference is, this one could save a life.

People living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo need your help. Conflict has driven them from their homes and forced them to leave their crops and animals behind. To survive and recover, they need support. That’s where you come in.

Donate today and start the countdown to your donation reaching the people who need it most.

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